Growatt 30kw On-Grid Inverter


The main features of Growatt 30kw On-Grid 30000TL3-S Inverter are as follows: 

  • Maximum DC Voltage of 1000 volts
  • Maximum Efficiency of 98.9%
  • Simplified and robust Style
  • Eight Strings Intelligent Monitoring and Fuse Protection 
  • Multi MPP Controller MTL string 
  • More steady and straightforward IPM (Intelligent Power Module)
  • Transformer-less Type II surge arresters with an internal DC switch for both DC and AC
  • PID-blocking for PV modules
  • Encouraging AC power supply
  • Small size and simple installation
  • Broad guarantee program 
  • Easy to manage with matrix cabling system
  • LCD and LED display
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Growatt 30kw On-Grid Inverter (30000TL3-S)

Growatt is a Worldwide Champion in Modern Energy Solutions, offering storage of energy, microgrid systems, residential, business, and utility-scale photovoltaic inverters, as well as sophisticated energy management systems. Growatt is ranked among the top 10 PV inverter providers in the world by Wood Mackenzie and IHS Markit.

With that being said, the Growatt 30kw On-Grid  Inverter 30000TL3-S is one of the master systems of Growatt. It comes with multiple protection and built-in fault detection systems that further enhance its productivity.

Furthermore, it is a three-phase inverter system with 98.9% efficiency. Additionally, this inverter also includes a wifi monitor that can be controlled via an Android app. 



Model name:  30000TL3-S
Max Recommended PV Power: 37500 W
Max DC Voltage: 1000 V
Start Voltage: 250 V
PV Voltage Range: 200v-1000v
Nominal Voltage: 580 V
Rated AC Output Power:  30 KW
Max AC Apparent Power:  33.3 kva
Max Output Current:  48.3 A
Max Efficiency: 98.9%
Dimensions:  470 x 754 x 270 mm
Weight: 48 kg
Environmental Protection rating: IP65
Display: LED + LCD




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