Growatt 5kw On-Grid Inverter


The main features of Growatt 5kw On-Grid 5000-MTL-S Inverter are as follows: 

  • DC Voltage up to 550v
  • Maximum Efficiency of 97.9%
  • Dual MPP Trackers
  • Adaptable Interfaces
  • DC Protection Against Reverse Polarity
  • DC Switch Rating for each MPPT
  • Output Over current Protection
  • Monitoring of ground faults and grid monitoring
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Growatt 5kw On-Grid Inverter (5000-MTL-S)

Growatt is a Worldwide Champion in Modern Energy Solutions, offering storage of energy, microgrid systems, residential, business, and utility-scale photovoltaic inverters, as well as sophisticated energy management systems. Growatt is ranked among the top 10 PV inverter providers in the world by Wood Mackenzie and IHS Markit.

This is the greatest DC to AC conversion since it is a pure sine wave. The features and specs of the Growatt 5kW inverter are listed in full below. There are two inputs on this Growatt machine: input A and input B. It can have two strings of solar panels attached to it. It is possible to link input A to the solar panel string A and input B to the solar panel string B. Every input has a unique MPPT. There should be no more than 15 amps per input.

A variety of household appliances, such as a 1.5 or 1 ton air conditioner, a water pump, the energy savers, lightbulbs, fans, refrigerators, LED, LCD, laptops, cellphones, and other devices for use in homes, businesses, or offices, may be powered by this 5kW smart machine power. This inverter requires a minimum of four batteries to provide 48 volts.


Model name:  5000MTL-S
Max Recommended PV Power: N6150 W
Max DC Voltage: 500 V
Start Voltage: 100 V
PV Voltage Range: 80v-550v
Nominal Voltage: 360 V
Rated AC Output Power:  4600 KW
Max AC Apparent Power:  4600 VA
Max Output Current:  20.9 A
Max Efficiency: 97.9 %
Dimensions:  355 x 419 x 158 mm
Weight: 14.5 kg
Environmental Protection rating: IP65
Display: LCD
AC Connection: Single Phase
DC Connection: H4-MC4 (opt)
AC Connection: Connector
Phase Factor: 1
Grid Frequency Range (AC):  50, 60Hz;±5 Hz
THDI: <3%
Auto Charge: Yes
Auto Restart:  Yes
Cooling Concept:  Natural
Humidity (Relative):  100%
Output Wave Form: Pure sine wave
Topology:  Transformerless
Self-Consumption (Night):  <0.5 watt
Noise:  <= 25 dB(A)
Opening Temperature Range: -25℃ to +60℃
MPPT Efficiency:  99.5%
Solar Charger Type:  MPPT
MPPT Quantity:  2




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