Solis 15kw On-Grid 3P15K-LV Inverter


The main features of Solis 15kw On-Grid Solis-3P15K-LV Inverter are as follows:

  • 97% efficiency
  • Low startup costs and a wide voltage range Voltage
  • 2 MPPT Design with a low harmonic distortion against the grid and an exact MPPT algorithm 
  • THDi<1.5%
  • various degrees of protection
  • Export Power Manager Integrated (EPM)
  • DC Protection Against Reverse Polarity
  • Protection against Short Circuits
  • Anti-resonance, supporting over 6MW parallelled
  • in one transformer
  • protection against surges
  • Grid-monitoring Protection of Temperature
  • Optional AFCI
  • Wifi / GPRS (for real time monitoring)
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Solis 15kw On-Grid 3P15K-LV Inverter

For dependable preferred equipment for homeowners small businesses, and industrial PV installations, three-phase series string inverters, like, Solis 15kw On-Grid 3P15K-LV Inverter are recommended. Smaller size, improved efficiency, and a choice of power types available for deciding on. Use two MPPT access for greater flexibility and effectiveness.



Model:  3P15K-4G-LV
Recommended Max. PV power:  18 kw
Max. input voltage:  1000 V
Rated Voltage:  600 V
Start-Up Voltage:  350 V
MPPT Voltage Range: 200-800 V
Max. input current:  20 A
Max. Short Circuit Current:  28.1 A
Rated Output Power:  15 kw
Max. Output Current: 39.4 A
Max. Efficiency:  97 %
Dimensions:  530 x 700 x 356.5 mm
Weight: 58.2 kg
Ingress Protection: IP65
Short circuit protection: Yes
Output over current protection: Yes
Surge protection: Yes
Grid monitoring:  Yes
Anti-Islanding protection: Yes
Temperature protection: Yes
Integrated DC switch: Optional
DC connection:  MC4 connector
Display:  LCD 




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